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Maine Moose Hunting Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is the Moose season in Maine?

In Maine, Moose Hunting is by permit only and is different weeks for different Zones. If drawn your permit will specify what week you are allowed to hunt.

Q. How do I get my license and how much does it cost?

It is a good idea to purchase your hunting license on-line at www.maine.gov/ifw before you arrive in camp. There are several locations in Maine where a hunting license can be purchased, but remember proof of previously holding an adult hunting license or proof of taken a safety course is required to purchase a big game license in Maine.

Q. What are Katahdin's Shadows methods of hunting moose?

Our moose hunts are designed around the customer. Depending on your physical abilities we perfer to walk and call. We start scouting your hunting area as soon as you make your reservations.

Q. What activities are available during down time or if successful?

During the moose, depending on the week, you may be able to hunt birds or coyotes. With the appropriate license, you may also fish the East Branch River from camp or drive your vehicle a short distance to several bodies of water.

Q. When do I arrive/leave?

Arrival is after 3:00 pm on the Sunday Prior to your hunt. Our first meal served will be Sunday dinner, normally around 6:00 pm. Departure is Sunday morning prior to 10:00 am, our last meal served will be Sunday breakfast. Our moose hunting package is six (6) full days of hunting (Monday through Saturday).

Q. What is the total cost of the hunt?

The price for the moose hunt totals $2500.00 (land use fee and tax included). This includes the costs once you arrive in camp until you depart with the exception of your licenses and moose permit. This includes food, lodging, transportation to and from your hunting spots, and game retrieval.

Q. What are Katahdin's Shadows hidden costs?

Katahdin's Shadow does not have any hidden costs.

Q. What form of payment does Katahdin's Shadow accept?

We will accept personal checks for deposit only (unless payment in full is received prior to your hunt). Any payment received less than thirty (30) days prior to your hunt must be in Money Order, traveler's checks, certified checks, bank Check, or Cash. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards at this time.

Q. If I decide to fly, where is the best destination to fly?

We are located 95 miles north of the Bangor International Airport (BGR) and 220 miles from Portland International Airport (PWM).

Q. How many hunters will be in camp every week?

Katahdin's Shadow limits moose hunting to 1 on 1 hunting. One guide for each permitee booked. Each permitee is allowed a sub-permitee which is included in the 1 on 1 cost.

Q. What does Katahdin's Shadow do for meat preparation?

We will skin, quarter, and freeze the meat to prepare for transportation.

Q. Does Katahdin's Shadow have access to the internet?

At this time, there is no internet provider at the Lodge.

Q. How many hunters per guide?

Katahdin's Shadow prides ourselves on personal service and we limit our moose hunting guides to one permitee and sub-permitee.

Q. What is Katahdin's Shadow policy for cancelations?

Due to the amount of effort we put into every hunt all deposits are non-refundable. Deposits are transferable to someone filling your spot but are not transferable to someone else who is already booked.

Q. Does Katahdin's Shadow sell or allow alcohol at the lodge?

We do not sell alcohol at the lodge. You are welcome to bring your own for consumption after the hunt. Anyone found drinking before or during the hunt will not hunt for the remainder of that day. Hunting under the influence is illegal and WILL NOT be tolerated.

Q. What is the customary tip for the guides and cooks?

Nothing is expected but everything is appreciated. Once you spend a week with us and see the effort our staff puts in it is usually customary to tip. Although some can afford more than others, a 10% gratuity to be split up by your guide and kitchen/housekeeping staff would be average.

Q. Is the guide with me at all times while hunting?

During your moose hunt, the guide will be within talking distance at all times during your hunt.

Q. Does Katahdin's Shadow have taxidermy services available?

We do have a taxidermist that picks up every week. If you utilize his services, we will fill out the appropriate paperwork and you can leave the hide here.

Q. Where will I be hunting?

All of our moose hunts are done on privately owned property that we have permission to hunt.

Q. If I am successful early, is there any place I can Fish?

With the appropriate license, you may also fish the several bodies of water that are a short distance that you can drive your vehicle to.

Q. What type of weapon should I use?

At Katahdin's Shadow we welcome any legal weapon to be used during your hunt, although we prefer weapons of .30 caliber or larger.

Q. Does Katahdin's Shadow supply vehicles or will I be driving my own?

Katahdin's Shadow provides all transportation to and from hunting areas. If you wish to run to town during "down" time, you will be required to use your own vehicle.

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